This Morning’s Project

I’ve had a very busy morning working on pruning my Mediterranean Fan Palm. I let this tree go on growing far too long so it’s due for serious pruning. There are still two trunks that need pruning, then I’ll do a final prune and use the blower to remove any debris left behind tomorrow. This is a lot of work for a guy with a weak heart and a bad back! Thanks to purchasing a new pruning shear yesterday, the work has been made much easier.

14 thoughts on “This Morning’s Project

    • Thank you! Just two more trunks to do now, what a bloody mess, I suppose the city would, but that entire heap of fronds was reduced enough to get it into the one trash bin. I tried yesterday but it was in the 90s, today has only been in the 80s, hence I got so much of the pruning done and got punctured just once!

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