Palm Tree Pruning: Finished

Well, I finished the tree off this morning very early before the heat gets to the forecast of 95 degrees today. I barely cracked a sweat too but my hands and feet are a bit sore from the constant squeezing of the shears and standing in one spot too long. But it’s worth it, I still need to clean the ground up a bit more at the base of the tree though.

That’s about all of the excitement from my place this holiday weekend since my family is back in Michigan. I may make one more trip up there before this summer is over before our family Christmas in December!

5 thoughts on “Palm Tree Pruning: Finished

    • You betcha, it took around 2 hours to complete. Next I’ll clean the base area up, remove the many dead cuttings from previous trimmings. I probably saved a couple hundred bucks by doing this myself. 😎🌴

        • I’m still working on this, I got most of the debris out of the base of the tree this morning. All that’s left is to scuffle-hoe the rocks to lift them back up. Fun in the 97 degree heat today! 😂🌴🔥

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