I Am Appalled!

I’m totally appalled that Bill Cosby has been released from prison after 60 women came forward to convict him of multiple sex charges. As one person I follow online said, apparently rape is now legal in the United States. This isn’t anywhere near my usual content on this site, but I need to express myself… How much did Bill pay to get out free?

Mount Charleston Six

In this upload, I reach the top of Lee Canyon Road at the ski lodge. In summer, they open the lift for a fee so you can get some apparently great views. I haven’t ridden the lift in summer or winter but the view must be beautiful. There were dozens of cars parked near the helicopter pad, people heading out for hiking.

The elevation there is about 8000 feet. If I were still able to snow ski, I’d have to buy a used car to get up here in winter since my 6-year-old truck has never seen road salt, I’m that serious about maintaining it! 50+ years of Michigan winters in the rust belt has taught me a lot about vehicle maintenance.

Breakfast And Climbing The Mountain

These photos and the video are from the iPhone. I snapped some photos of the bar and dining area at the Mount Charleston Hotel, not very fancy but that omlette was so delicious! In the video, you see the gentle climb rate

but some areas of the road have very sharp corners, watch your speed! It’s a very long way down…