This is so sad. I park near this location fairly often to go to the party store. I’ve never seen anyone there, but the lean-to is new and there is much more trash there now. I wonder if this spot is used by people who have lost everything due to Covid. About twenty-five minutes from here is the Las Vegas Strip with billions of dollars worth of investments. Feel free to correct me, but there’s something terribly wrong in this country. Scenes like this make me wonder why the hell this country is spending billions of dollars on useless space exploration and continually developing better ways to kill our fellow human beings in other countries and at home. What the ****, America?

14 thoughts on “Homelessness

  1. One of the reasons why I burned out in the SF Bay Area was seeing this homelessness epidemic. Income inequality is through the roof there!

    • I’ve never been there so I will believe you. Are you still in Caly? My ex’s mother lived in Huntington Beach, I always dereded the trip down there because of the freeway traffic and having to the the 15 freeway, that road scares me. I saw a car roll over several times once…

      • I still have an address there for now. I don’t blame you about the traffic either. I’m afraid to drive in California too

  2. Just seeing them a d documenting this brings about change. I always try to see the homeless and never look away because they need to be seen.

    • Thanks, K, this shouldn’t be happening. Imagine what the money wasted on useless space exploration could do to help our fellow humans? Thanks for your great comment. ❤️

    • Thank you, Derrick. Just imagine what those billions could do for humans across the planet or inn just one country! It makes me angry as does the wasted money on war machines to kill innocent people. It’s evil.

    • The world is so broken, Rudi. We need God and a serious dose of common sense too return to the world.

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