Vegas Heat

Las Vegas Valley has a high heat warning until late Friday night. I’m used to it, it seems that most people here are but it still kicks your bum anyway. Just carry plenty of water with you, and seek shelter from the direct sunshine when possible. If air conditioning systems had never been invented, there would be far less population here. I hope that this summer will not see a sustained high temperature like this for weeks on end like last summer. 🔥🌴🌞🌵

14 thoughts on “Vegas Heat

  1. Stay safe in that weather John. Some good tips about how to manage it. We had a heat warning this week as our temperatures got to the high 80’s. We Canadians start melting at such temperatures. 🙂

  2. Woo! That may look miserable but I am jealous. This Spring has been a hot one in Boston too- we had a stretch of 90’s already in May and ppl were freaking out (not me tho!). Hope it cools down for you.

    • I’ve seen on TWC how the rains have been heavy and hot. I’ll take the rain, we need it so badly. The heat is normal here, 100+ inn summer.

    • Hi Rudi, the heat isn’t for everyone, but you do acclimate to it to a point. 108 is forecast for today! 🔥🌴

    • Yes you do, it’s 6PM here now and it’s still 102. It feels so nice though… 🔥😂🌴🌵

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