More Navajo Vase Photos

Here are the remaining vase photos from yesterday’s very bored photo shoot. my spell check doesn’t like how I wrote this sentence, too bad! It’s 91 degrees at 9:30 AM with 104 degrees up soon. Pretty cool, eh? 😂🌴

9 thoughts on “More Navajo Vase Photos

        • I see, thanks. That makes sense… I could find something at the same business as mine came from, and ship them to you!

          • Not these days! The postal system is really slow. But one of these days when we go down that way, I’ll take a look at this pottery. It’s very nice.

            • I guess that’s why people call it Snail Mail. I would like to see our postal service turned over to private enterprise, give the Feds the boot up their bum. I strongly dislike unions too.

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