While Waiting for Breakfast

While waiting for my breakfast to come out the door, I snapped these iPhone photos. Regardless of what the sign says, I still have to wait outside which is kind of silly! I’m glad that this locally owned and operated restaurant chain has survived Covid though, their grub is always delicious!

4 thoughts on “While Waiting for Breakfast

  1. I do think people who don’t wear masks should be required to show vaccine proof. I bought a cute neck holder to wear my vaccine proof, just for that purpose.

    • Asking people to show proof won’t go over well. I have a laminated copy in my wallet just in case though. I wasn’t asked by the TSA to show the card on my recent trip up north.

    • Yes, and it’s great! I walked into a business this morning where I was hoping to be hired (nope, not yet), with no mask!

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