RF Energy Transfer

This RF connector kit has been in my VHF/UHF radio box for a year until today, finally had some use for it. OK, these are goofy photos! Ham Radio is as much of a hobby as is photography and blogging.😎

5 thoughts on “RF Energy Transfer

    • Sorry, Anneli. I’m just flat out of content right now. I was going to take this one down but now it has views and comments… This stuff is old-shoe to me, I don’t take that into consideration…

      • I’m not suggesting you take it down – not at all – it’s just that I like to be supportive in my comments and this is a topic I know very little about, but I’m sure someone else will have something to contribute. You aren’t expected to come up with things that everyone knows about. Anyway, this is how we learn about new things.

        • I understand. Funny thing is, I posted this photo on Instagram and got a comment from a follower who also loves radio and knew exactly what this is. The world is so weird! 😂🌎

          • That’s why you must post these things, even though not everyone can relate to them. There are a lot of people out there with different interests. So keep posting these things that interest you and you’ll find others who also find it interesting.

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