Some Old Travel Photos

Names such as Stinking Creek Road and Big Bone Lick State Park make traveling from Michigan to Florida kind of fun. Who came up with these names? These photos were taken a few years ago during one of my twice-yearly trips from Michigan to Florida, then drive the big rig back to Michigan in the spring. Fun!

The last time I did this was in 2020 before the virus came along. Well, I avoided the virus thus far but a nasty kidney stone was waiting to whoop my bum when I got down there. ouch, this is stone number two. Number one was during the 1990s. And the damn doctor told me that I’d likely not have another stone!

14 thoughts on “Some Old Travel Photos

  1. Hope those kidney stones have had their day and that is behind you.
    I love hearing these fascinating names in travel. Likely some good stories to be found there.

    • Me too, the pain is incredible! And how about Zzyzx Road? You may have seen this exit if you drive from Vegas to Los Angeles.

  2. Ouch kidney stones sound horrible- my ex had one and I have never seen someone in so much pain. Really hope you never have any more!

    • Oops, I’m not always clear in what I say, sorry. The first one was in the 90s, the second was in early 2020. Terribly painful.

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