8 thoughts on “The Cute Baby

    • They are! Maybe he’s a crack baby? 😂

      I deleted that app from my iPad, the ads were so ridiculous, and they ask for three or so bucks a month for the “pro” version with no ads and more features. Oh hell no!!

    • Thanks, the app which I deleted made a face look happy I guess which is good, but the ads in the free version were ridiculous, app deleted! And they had the guts to ask $3.99 per month for the paid version. What? I call this a very bad Business Plan…

        • I’ve heard both sides of the Business plan. A blog I follow in Germany uses it with no issues, I have one little glitch that doesn’t bother me. You apparently had big problems, what are they? I use several plugins that run smoothly, just keep them updated.

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