An American Sunset

These are two older sunset pics and our beautiful American flag photo taken yesterday under that beautiful blue Mojave Desert sky. A sky that I never tire of. What I do tire of are the lunatics failing so terribly at running my country. Our president is very senile and should not be in office, his politics on the wrong side of the wall.

13 thoughts on “An American Sunset

  1. The flag does look beautiful against the sky there! WOW – I wouldn’t get tired of seeing those skies, that’s for sure. The palm trees look great against them too. You’ve hit the mark on Mr. B too. 🙂

    • Thank you, Shelley! I can feel a bit blah when the clouds roll in, being so used to the 300+ days per year of sunshine. This person is not my president, he’s just too damn senile for the job. The videos of him tripping up the steps to Air Force One and others show clearly his senility.

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