Just Above The Heart

I was going to delete this image but thought to drop it in iColorama first to see what can be done with it, here’s the result. This is where the fronds pop out of the trunk, just above the heart of the tree. Do trees have feelings too?

6 thoughts on “Just Above The Heart

      • Exactly. Imagine being a tree and feeling little feet of bugs crawling up and down your body.. especially if they are bugs you don’t really like. How annoying it must be when you can’t swat them away.

        • If it’s a Whomping Willow there’s no problem! Bugs creep me out, the bugs here are different than in Michigan, we don’t have scorpions! My palm trees are getting some extra lovin’ this summer with the trunks being trimmed clean and smooth. Do it once, it’ll last for years.

  1. We’ll just have to ask them if they have feelings. If they don’t answer, I would take that as a “no,” or as a sign that the speech part of their “brain” isn’t developed yet. Kind of a fun “colorama” photo.

    • Thanks Anneli, that’s a great application. I follow two accounts on Instagram who use this app to the max, their images are fantastic. I don’t know how to use it that well.

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