The Weeping Angels

Are you a Dr. Who fan? I have been for years now and just love this great British series. Unfortunately, they seem to have stopped producing the series as far as I know. Not everyone was thrilled with having a woman as the doctor but I think Jodi Whittaker has done a fantastic job as the doctor.

But somehow the episodes just aren’t as good as the old ones. Not so much because of having a female doctor as the writing isn’t as good as it was. This episode is one of my favorite episodes. Imagine Quantum-locked beings that can’t move when seen, but blink your eyes and you’re dead!

13 thoughts on “The Weeping Angels

  1. I love Doctor Who and these guys were by far the creepiest monsters of all. I’ve got a picture of the tardis and K9 somewhere, i’ll have to post it. Regarding Jodi Whittacker i think she has left but no new doctor has been announced yet. And yes, the writing for her stories was awful. The BBC tried to make her stories more political using each episode to make a statement about how they support gay rights and female rights. Very nearly destroyed the show as the ratings over here were awful. Who was your favourite Doctor ? I really liked Matt Smith.

    • Matt Smith and David Tennant! I noticed the political crap, it really, seriously ticked me off. It’s so far out of tune with the entire Dr. Who series. I hope the next season they will leave that crap out! K9 is so cute, I’d love to have a little Tardis in my house and truck! I think Peter Capaldi was was damn good too.

    • I read this morning that Jodi Whittaker is out, who will replace her in the apparent 2022 season? A while back, BBC America ran several random episodes from different seasons, it was great to see them again!

  2. I used to watch Dr. Who a lot back in England. The angels one was particularly creepy! Since England has a lot of angels statues in the churches, I am pretty sure that was an excellent way to scare kids

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