Wires and Poles Everywhere!

Las Vegas is so wired up, so full of freaking poles and wires that all contribute to messing up one’s photography! I thought about stopping by Tivoli Village on the way home from an interview but didn’t stop in. It’s 110 degrees again today so I’ll wait for the nineties to return which is a much more comfortable temperature.

5 thoughts on “Wires and Poles Everywhere!

  1. Isn’t that the truth? I get tired 9f wires and poles complicating my enjoyment of natural beauty in particular. I live in a part of the country where I can drive a short bit into the country and find that perfect place where there are no wires or signs of human occupation beyond a barbed wire fence. Stand on the other side of the fence, and it’s just like it was when 30,000,000 bison grazed there. It’s a perfect place to great the sunrise on New Year’s morning, something I periodically do, roads permitting – one doesn’t want to get stuck in this perfect place because there isn’t that much traffic any time.

    John, do you have places you like like that? I suspect you do!

  2. I find it best in most photos to just leave the damn things… They do keep us cool and warm haha…

  3. We have one main hydro line that is always in my way looking out from our house. I know the frustration, but I’ve resigned myself to thinking of it as “part of the furniture.”

    • Can you use an app like Photoscape X or other to remove them? It’s tough to do. Where does the term Hydro Line come from?

      • I have a basic Photoshop program that will remove blemishes, but I get tired of doing that, and also, I wonder if I should just accept that this is reality and leave it in there.

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