Morning Showers

Stepping outside very early this morning I noticed the wispy rainshower clouds to the west and north, out comes the Nikon. I had to water two bushes out front before the 113 degrees forecasted for today arrived. Happy weekend!

15 thoughts on “Morning Showers

    • No thunder in these little squalls, mid and late summer here is Monsoon season, we hope that this season will actually bring some real rain. The drought here is terrible!

  1. What I can’t capture with the camera, my eyes see clearly that the rain is evaporating before it hits the ground in some cases. It did sprinkle earlier though. We need some serious downpours, the drought is so bad.

    • This rain seems to evaporate before it gets down here which sucks. We need several days of serious downpours since the drought is so bad!

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