Fuel Prices in Las Vegas

The prices rise and fall each week for whatever reason, who is setting these prices? They seem to rise when something really bad happens here or abroad. Any old excuse to rob your bank account, right? The little manmade lakes are very calm and pretty today, aren’t they? Looking east on Sahara Avenue you can see the Stratosphere Tower on the Strip a few miles east of me. And those yellow poles are at crosswalks along Cimmeron road.

17 thoughts on “Fuel Prices in Las Vegas

    • That makes sense, but when we had a fuel problem on the east coast a while back, fuel prices shot up across the country. Any old excuse will do to ramp up prices…

  1. Central Indiana prices are 2.83 +/-. It got up to 3.09 a couple of weeks ago, slowly dropping since. Hope it keeps going down… Our RV loves gas. Lots of it…LOL

    • Wow, that’s a substantial differece, the cost of living is obviously more here which is stupid, homes are ridiculously expensive too and the virus never slowed down the insane home building. There are only so many jobs here, how can folks pay for them??

  2. Our countries are in trouble with the fuel prices as long as our governments on both sides of the border are trying to commit energy suicide.

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