Palm Tree Flowers

Shooting the sunset this eve, I noticed that the flowers on the palm tree which is now completing its seed-producing cycle was fairly well done so I grabbed the Nikon. No bees are seen but the bees just love these tiny flowers. I’m amazed at how different my trees look this summer. Last summer they produced far fewer shoots.

4 thoughts on “Palm Tree Flowers

    • Thanks Derrick, I had to look that name up. They do look similar, a website in the UK called it a Cabbage Plant. These are Mexican Fan Palms, they can grow very tall, say 30 or 40 feet, maybe more. They look terrible right now and will be pruned July first. I have some Before photos ready to go, will take the After photos later and upload them here.

    • Thank you, Anneli. They seem to have no smell that I can detect but the bees that visit seem very tiny. The person that will prune them July 1 calls the pruning of those large, dead cutoff fronds as Skinning. Yikes. Cutting super deep but the trunk will be a deeper color that other parts of the trunk until they dry out. Hey Toto, we aren’t in Michigan! 😬😂🌴

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