Unwanted Guest: Bark Scorpion

After just waking this morning, I was opening the blinds to let the sunshine in as it’s returned (yay) again. Scorpions are easy to see on my walls because of the color, this is a Bark Scorpion, capable of climbing walls and actually walking on your ceiling! Nasty varmints. I took my flip flop in hand and flattened this damn thing. So gross!

12 thoughts on “Unwanted Guest: Bark Scorpion

    • Well, it can’t jump and sting you, and they don’t move too fast. I used the iPhone for that photo and was around six inches from it. No worries, but check under the sheets before ya crawl in! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • It can be, each person will react differently to the venom. You’ll probably need a tetnus shot which counteracts the venom. Slurred speech can happen too as the venom gets into the nervous system.

    • I’m right there with ya Anneli! I enjoyed crunching it with my flip flop. Damn things can send you the ER quickly. This is the first one I’ve seen inside in a long time, good news…

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