Getting Out Of The House

The weather is so wonderful today that I just had to find a good reason to leave my air-conditioned living room. I’d found a job I was interested in on the job board this morning and found the company address. A perfect reason to take another joyride around town so off I went, heading southeast.

The traffic is rather heavy today, especially on either side of Las Vegas Boulevard so I didn’t take many photos along the way but I did pass very close to the Stratosphere tower as I crossed Las Vegas Boulevard. Click! It’s currently 104F at my home base, what is the temperature at your location?

29 thoughts on “Getting Out Of The House

    • Thanks so much! That temperature is actually a normal summer temp for Las Vegas. When it goes up to 110 or so, the excessive heat warnings goo out. The low 100s are forecast for next week.

        • It doesn’t really run any more than usual, maybe just a little bit since these homes are built for the Mojave Desert environment. Even when it was 115F a few days ago, the AC system handled it just fine! 😎🌴

  1. Lovely sharp photos. Man that’s hot! It’s 11 C here in Hobart, just got back from a mountain bike ride with 2 neighbours and it’s got dark. Dinner time soon 😛

  2. It is 25C/77F here right now. That should not be very warm but we got a good rain last night so it is muggy as all heck. Better than snow and cold so we will take it!

        • Oh boy, I do not miss them! As a kid in Michigan, they tore me up. In 9 years here, I’ve never seen or heard one, yay!

            • Honestly, I’d rather deal with the damn scorpions, they are very rare in the house and so easy to kill…

                  • My son went down to Vegas with his family a couple of years ago – they had a fourteen year old, a four year old, and a nine month old. It was so hot there, the wheels melted off the baby’s stroller. I think they would have been happy to see a few snowflakes. ⁕

                    • OM Gosh! That does happen unfortunately, I recommend visiting in March or April and October November… Much cooler then. We have about 3.5 or so months to go before the summer heat subsides.

                    • They were just passing through – they drove from Lloydminster (northern Saskatchewan/ Alberta border city) down to southern California. Despite the heat they had a great time. They must have taken hundreds of photos and I never saw anything but smiles. (even on Cason the wheel-less baby). But I think if I ever made the trip, I would take your advice and it would be in your cooler months for sure!

                    • I’m glad they had a good time, believe it or not, you can acclimate to the heat although with my health I can’t be outside too long.

    • 84 is a nice temperature in Michigan if the humidity stays down a bit. Is that heatwave still heading up there?

      • Tomorrow we’re supposed to get 100F and Monday 104F. Too hot! After that it will go down to 91 and then 82. You can’t go outside for more than a few minutes. It’s awful. But we have even worse temperatures in the interior.

          • It is uncharacteristic but it’s becoming more and more the norm. And yes, we have A/C. Before we got it, a few years ago, we’d have a few days of a heat wave and it was so oppressing. Now, to be honest, I have to put a sweater on in the house, but it’s too hot to be outside. It’s all or nothing with the temperatures. I know – I can set it for a higher temp, more comfortable, but the Captain complains if it gets the slightest bit warmer. He’s hot-blooded and I’m cold-blooded I guess.

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