My Old Stuff…

These old photos are from a few years ago and I can see the difference, can you? I love the color of the Trump Tower, are you a fan of President Trump? I am and so sorry that he was voted out. You get what ya vote for, America. Socialism. Today’s forecast is for sunshine and 106F which is a normal summer temperature here. So nice!

9 thoughts on “My Old Stuff…

  1. You make those skyscrapers look rather beautiful John 🙂 I’ll stay well out of USA politics but I do know how hard it is to vote for one party and then see the other party get in for years, it’s really tough going.

    • Thank you! I rarely mention politics but once in a while is OK. I’m very Conservative in terms of politics.

  2. I think Trump (well … the Republican party) is good for the country, but I wish Donald Trump had gone to charm school for a while before going into public life.

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