27 thoughts on “Mount Charleston Two

  1. What a charming place! I don’t know if those are houses or hostels, but I’d love to live in such scenery… as long as there’s wifi and grocery delivery services haha

    • They are private homes at around 8000 feet up! There are no grocery stores up there, or fuel. Or petrol if you prefer but I don’t know about WiFi or any internet.

  2. This summer I am staying at home but thanks to your blog, John I can “travel” and see wonderful places.
    Some day I may see Mount Charleston…

    • I totally agree! Imagine the cost of getting the materials up there, then anchor them! And the chance of earthquakes raining boulders down on you… And dealing with feet of snow too, no thanks! The roads around the homes are incredibly steep too, I never tried driving them again. 😱

    • Hi Jet, thank you! I was just commenting with Trums Travels about the cost of getting materials up there and the danger of earthquakes. And snow!

  3. I’m happy to see that even you are seeking out some cooler temps <3 Thank you for sharing some of my favourite vistas in a beautiful way.

    • Hi Anneli, it was so comfortable. Kind of reminds me of Michigan, the humidity may be higher but the low temperature compensated I guess.

        • Well, ya gotta listen to your body, get out of the sun and stay hydrated. My heart condition keeps me from staying outside too long…

            • Right, my heart condition is odd to me, the Ejection Fraction is where it should be for my age, but by golly I just can’t climb stairs or hike very well. They must be done slowly. I get out of breath fairly easily too. Such a ripoff that I feel 19 years young in me head but the body says oh hell no ya don’t!

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