Mount Charleston Six

In this upload, I reach the top of Lee Canyon Road at the ski lodge. In summer, they open the lift for a fee so you can get some apparently great views. I haven’t ridden the lift in summer or winter but the view must be beautiful. There were dozens of cars parked near the helicopter pad, people heading out for hiking.

The elevation there is about 8000 feet. If I were still able to snow ski, I’d have to buy a used car to get up here in winter since my 6-year-old truck has never seen road salt, I’m that serious about maintaining it! 50+ years of Michigan winters in the rust belt has taught me a lot about vehicle maintenance.

8 thoughts on “Mount Charleston Six

  1. Yep, vehicle maintenance is a thing up north! When I moved to Canada, I saw this amazing comedy routine parodying an ad for winter tires! Had me ROFL!!!

    • Long ago there were actual winter tires, today’s tires do a good job without all the road noise. I’ve seen TV ads that seem to infer that their tires are ‘good on ice’ which is completely impossible!

        • That’s great! thanks for the laugh, I remember that tire store. You’ve got to be joking though, void if you don’t use all-season tires?

            • Well… that’s a little over the top! It’s a great idea, but to void ones insurance is too much. How can it be proven unless of course your involved in an accident?

              • Well, seeing what the winter is like here, I understand why it is void. There’s winter and then there’s Canada. I’m not yet sure how it works right now. Haven’t driven here yet

                • I am from Michigan , grew up driving on the slick crap and rode snowmobiles for decades, no stranger to bitter winters.

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