Another Gully-Washer Approaches

This summer has been so fruitful and blessed by the Monsoons actually dumping dearly needed rain on the Mojave Desert. During the installation of the new HVAC system, the sky opened up which cooled everything down, so nice!

Nikon with 50mm Nikkor

The Installation

Well, the new heating and cooling systems are officially installed and are cooling the home perfectly and are sooo much quieter than the old system both inside and out. You homeowners reading this know all too well what this costs and it ain’t cheap! The flip side is that value was added to the home today. Home equity is a beautiful thing!

I have no intention of selling this home but down the road, it’ll be a big plus. I have no photos of the heating and cooling unit in the attic though, sorry. I can’t safely climb ladders these days. I do have a few more photos to upload though if you care to see them tomorrow. It’s odd that these units are in the attic, but that’s how it’s done here.

Water Damage

Yesterday afternoon I kept hearing a ticking sound in the other room. Checking for the source of the sound I found my bathroom ceiling bulging. I popped the bubble to drain it, now it looks like this. I called an HVAC company to come out even though it was late.

They showed up within the hour, the tech found out that the PVC pipe that drains the extra moisture from the coil had plugged up due to calcium buildup. Great. The pipe was unplugged, they will be back this morning to check the system further, the coil may need replacement but I’m not gonna let them do that.

A home is a hole into which one pours money! And that paint damage has to be repaired…

Charging Electric Cars

Some of you may know that I strongly dislike electric cars. This video is one more example of why they are good for nothing. The car on the right experiences a major short which causes a fire that spreads to the adjacent cars. No thank you! Where did the electricity come from to charge them? Natural Gas, Coal, Oil or nuke? Hypocrisy.

Las Vegas Strip 2018

In 2018 I was still using the Nikon D3300 body and a zoom lens, these photos look different from my photography today. Also, I have an appointment Monday with a pro photographer who I hope will give me some solid tips on getting the best photos I can from the Nikon Z6 body. We shall see what happens.

Bring Forth The Rain

I was going for a short ride a bit ago but saw this storm to the southwest, so I headed back home via the party store. Back home now but no rain, dang it! The first photo is from the 24/70mm lens, the second with the 50mm lens. No difference sans the slight zoom difference, no loss or gain in image quality.

One Minute Of Quiet

Sixty seconds of video in the backyard this morning listening to the palm trees gently rustle in the light breeze. The Cicadas happily singing in the trees next door. The photos were taken accidentally when setting the phone up on the miniature tripod. It’s only 90F degrees just now, a very comfortable temperature!

Las Vegas 2019

In these photos, I was likely coming back to town from a visit to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Just before you come back into town, the road descends sharply as there are two small mountains on either side of you. From this location, you get wonderful views of the Strip and the entire valley. Today’s weather forecast is 95F and partly cloudy. When I awoke this morning, the sky looked like it was about to pour rain which would be wonderful.

On The Edge

Late this eve just before sundown, the wind kicked up hard which sent me outside to capture the storm. iPhone in hand, I grabbed some photos that were all deleted but one that just won’t render. The videos show that there was a strong wind blowing but the main body of this storm passed a few miles east over Arizona. Bummer.

iPhone Video and photos

Taking care of a couple of errands, I snapped the photos and video along the way, such a beautiful day. I stopped at a Wendy’s restaurant and noticed that almost nobody inside was wearing a mask. Why? Even I who rarely watch any kind of “news” today knows that the mask mandate has been reinstated. How extremely intelligent…

The buzzing sound in the video is Cicada, they are very loud!