A Rainy Afternoon

This pic is from a couple days ago when it actually spit a bit of rain here. The photo doesn’t capture how the rain looked though which sucks. Look at those fan palms too, they are in my HOA, whoever pruned them just butchered them! My trees are being pruned today using the ten-two cut which is self-explanatory.

5 thoughts on “A Rainy Afternoon

    • Hi Lavinia! I wish I could! We need it so badly too, these little squalls just aren’t enough. It’s 105 at the moment too, whoa! 😍❤️🔥🌴🌵

  1. You got a few drops of rain?! Wonderful. Wish we could get a few – maybe borrow some from the deluge we’ll have in the fall and winter.

    • Hi Anneli, it made the air smell so good, but just not nearly enough. It so nice to hear the rain hit my skylight. I hope the heatwave is over!

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