City Views, Valley Views

I took care of some errands this morning and captured these photos along the way. It kinda looks like rain but rain isn’t in the forecast for today but the high is in the low 100s. The holiday weekends always have me feeling a bit more lonely since the family is back up north, this is a price I pay for choosing to live down here but I don’t regret the decision… I have to do a serious cleaning on my 24/70mm lens today, I have to remove too many boogers from these photos! Again, it seems the Nikon Z6 has a serious dust intrusion problem that not all buyers seem to have.

7 thoughts on “City Views, Valley Views

    • The two words are contradictory but thanks to Lake Mead we have water. For how long who knows as the drought rages on, Anneli. A bit scary, and the population here continues to grow. At this time, there are just over 2 million people in Las Vegas, easily the largest population of any city in Nevada. Imagine going from corn fields to living here!

  1. I don’t know why, but I never realized that Vegas was that scenic. I thought it was bare desert with gaudy casinos. Your photos really show how lovely it is!

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