It’s A Legal State…

Nevada legalised pot about three years ago I think and it’s become the big business that everyone knew it would be. The State takes its share of the profits too of course. When a person walks into a dispensary, they must present a valid ID such as a driver’s license or similar, no proper ID, no smoke as it should be.

This is a hot topic still yet an overwhelming number of Nevadans voted for this. Many other states have now become legal too as my home state of Michigan has. As far I know, the legalisation has not caused any serious problems for Las Vegas, but you can do your own research. What’s your take on legalised weed?

21 thoughts on “It’s A Legal State…

  1. At first it was a big deal to have marijuana legalized but now nobody even thinks about it or talks about it. It’s just not an issue. BUT, I have two thoughts about it. First, I believe our pathetic prime minister pushed the legalization through to get the young voters onside. Second, does it make sense to go after the tobacco industry and make all that fuss about cigarette smoke (first and second hand) and make people aware that smoking is linked to cancer, and then legalize marijuana? Duh?! I don’t really care what they do – legal or not – but there’s no logic to the tobacco (health) argument if they turn around and legalize dope. And for the record, I hate tobacco smoke, so I’m not defending it.

  2. Ive worked with addicts and its not nice. Everyone says its non addictive but ive seen otherwise. And it stinks !! Still illegal here in the UK but as soon asthe government realise how much they can make from it the law will change. After all, they’ve got to pay the covid debts somehow !!

    • Covid – I’m so sick of everything attached to it. Your government will indeed realise how much money they can make at some point. People here, there want it and government can’t stop it, period. It’s nothing like booze…

  3. 🙂 Marijuana was also legalized here in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (There is a certain amount that one is allowed to have but I never paid much attention to it because I am not a smoker).

    Legalized marijuana equates to fewer people being inside of a prison cell.

    However, people should always remember that smoking is bad for one’s health.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, John.

    • I don’t find it nearly as bad as cigarettes, and it smells good. My country has what I call the Prison Industry. Too many people locked up by hypocritical jerks who think they are God.

    • Bingo, just like here, Lavinia. If you are pulled over while buzzed on weed and not alcohol, same difference! And I totally agree with that policy.

  4. Well, living in both California and Canada during a time of legalized weed, I would say California has more problems with it than Canada, especially when it comes to impaired driving. I don’t smell weed nearly as often in Canada, and it’s becoming more widely used in medical treatments and there’s evergrowing research on how to use it medicinally. Plus, in Canada this subject makes for some wonderful comedy routines!

    • Is it legal in all provinces or a few? California is one giant problem itself, I dislike the state and have no desire to go there ever again. My ex was from Anaheim. I do follow some blogs in California, I mean no disrespect to them of course. Our policy in Nevada is that if you are pulled over and smell like weed and have been smoking and driving, it’s an automatic DUI, even if your not consuming alcohol, I think that is how it should be.

      • Weed is legal all over Canada. It was one of the first countries to make it legal. I understand. There are certainly problems like driving, water wars, tech and homelessness that absolutely have to get solved there but each one of those is a massive task to solve. That is good about Nevada’s driving laws. I don’t yet know what it is here, but somehow Canada has done it right

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