9 thoughts on “Riding The Bus To The Roller Coaster

    • Do you mean the coaster at Ney York New York? I’ve seen it running maybe twice in nine years here. This photo was taken down in Primm at that weird hotel casino on the state line.

    • Oh my gosh, I totally get it, Anneli! I haven’t rode one in many many moons and that’s just fine. I simply don’t trust them or any rides at any park, large or small. It’s the physics involved, the metal fatigue and possible lack of inspections and maintenance. Scary @#$%!!

      • That’s right. It’s not even all about the stomach flipping around; it’s the worry about the physics of the construction and how much stress that metal will take. I don’t want to test it.

        • Agreed! I remember when my kids were little ones, I took my son on a county fair ride that just spun and went up and down too. But, when the ride was stopped then went backward, I darn near hurled! Noooo thank youuuu!!! 😂🤮

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