Back To The Mountains

These six photos are leftovers from a while back on Mount Charleston, I keep stuff like this in a designated folder. The grayscale photo was a bad actor, didn’t want to play so I removed its color. These extra photos came out really well though in processing the way I do it. According to the forecast, the valley has a few days of 111F days coming this week! Would you like to stop on by and have a visit with me? Oh come on, it ain’t that bad!

10 thoughts on “Back To The Mountains

    • Thank you, Marcus! Because it’s usually that same beautiful blue up there like today. 300+ days per year of sunshine is east to handle. It will be 109F today, 111F and 113F are on the way. Welcome to a summer in Las Vegas! I love your photos of your trip, fantastic views, Marcus.

    • Thank you, Mariana! Such a nice name. These photos came out better than I thought they would, they were the toss away photos too from that shoot last week!

    • Thank you, Anneli! These were the toss away photos from last week’s trip up there too. I made a boo boo haha!

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