19 thoughts on “Remembering 1977

    • LOL, thank you, Anneli, you are so kind my friend! The guy in the middle is Butch, the driver. Dad drove the boat just once at a race in Columbiaville, Michigan. He earned his 150MPH patch.

      I was very upset that he did this as was my mother. The backstory here is that in 1967, he flipped his outboard hydro at around 100MPH. The boat came down on him, cracking and breaking a rib which punctured a lung. He was in the hospital for many weeks.

      I remember the day he came home from the hospital, his nose a bit deformed from having tubes stuff down into his lung. He was hiding behind the door and surprised my sister and I. A good memory we are grateful for. At this point, my mother put her foot down and gave dad the ultimatum.

      Stop racing boats or she’s leaving. It was all about us kids and mom. We need our father! He stopped racing, that was the end of making more of those wonderful memories I have of those years but I’m glad that dad is now 93.

      • He might not have made it to 93 if your mother hadn’t put her foot down! She is obviously the smarter of the two and he is the wilder of the two. A little of each is a good thing and maybe together they sorted it out.

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