LVPB Is Approaching 6000 Posts

Yes, this blog is approaching 6000 posts over the last five years, and 25 thousand comments! Perhaps it’s time for me to take a break from blogging for a while? KIDDING! It’s been a long road and my eyeballs are fried from so much screen time both in this space and on Instagram where my account currently has almost 9000 posts. Wow…

My 4-year-old MacBook just keeps on truckin’!!

25 thoughts on “LVPB Is Approaching 6000 Posts

    • Thanks very much, Marcus! MacBooks are the best, aren’t they!! No Windows system will be so dependable, period.

    • Thanks so much, Anita! I should have mentioned in the post that I’m not serious about taking time off from the blog. It really is a lot of work to run this site like I do though.

      At some point, I’ll have to ease down, perhaps a part-time job if someone likes my resume! Five years in since the first post, and 212.000 views later, I do deserve a break though haha!

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