A Desert Stroll, 2017

Good morning from the valley where we’ll have 111F today and the same for the next several days. Stop by and get baked with me! It was 112F in my garage yesterday. I really like these grayscale landscapes, they were taken along Charleston Boulevard several miles west of the city. Aren’t those Joshua Tree pods neat-looking?

19 thoughts on “A Desert Stroll, 2017

  1. Great pictures! We got a taste of your weather in the Pacific Northwest last week, and we are so happy for you to take it back! 🙂 We have cloudy and 63 degrees here today.

    • Well, I’m sure that the humidity was well higher than here which makes a major difference. 25% or less is normal down here which makes today’s 111 degrees easier to tolerate. I’m froom Michigan and grew up in the humidity. Now, when I go home the humidity kind of hits me!

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