It’s So Delicious!

I finished off the previous batch yesterday, so here’s the fresh pot. Like the previous pot, I’m using ground turkey instead as the doctor says I need to get the cholesterol down. I gave up the beef sticks too which I love! For this batch, I also used one can of pinto beans and a different package of seasonings I don’t usually use, the last pot had just my usual seasonings. It’s still true, chili isn’t just for cold weather and it’s cooled to 107F now. 115F this weekend!

12 thoughts on “It’s So Delicious!

    • Thanks so much! My love for chili comes from so long ago as a child and my mother’s recipe. Her chili recipe is nothing like mine, she used no kidney beans but probably pinto or similar beans, but would soak her choice of beans in a bowl for a good while. She also used Ham Hocks…

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