Clicks From Yesterday’s Heat

The sun photo and the freshly skinned palm tree photo are from yesterday with the new 50mm lens, the others were via the 24/70mm lens. I’m using the random photos up before they get tossed into file 13. I had a quick exchange via Instagram with a fellow Michigander way up in Michigan’s upper peninsula (da yooper) this morning where it will be a very comfortable 75F today, yep that’s a Michigan summer up there!

13 thoughts on “Clicks From Yesterday’s Heat

  1. Nice collection of images that say “hot!” Interesting that your HOA controls only the front yard. I hadn’t heard of that before. People are then not motivated to keep up the backyard. Too bad! But yours is the exception.

    • I agree, but how can they see the entire backyard? The way these houses are stacked in you can see very little of them.

        • Yep, I do wish they would get after the backyards anyway, and remove from the rules/bylaws that renting a home in here is legal. Two homes on my street are renters and it’s obvious. The way the homes look out front, and the debris they leave out and on the road sometimes grinds my gears. They have no monetary investment, so why would they care? Please, move!

            • Dang right they should! One of the renters drives waaay too fast through here too which prompted me to stop by the main office a mile or so away and ask about installing speed bumps. Their response? No, it slows down the firetrucks! WTH?

    • Thanks, Anneli, it’s worth the three hundred bucks for the frond removal and skinning! Unfortunately, the neighbors on either side have backyards that look terrible. Just being honest, in this HOA the backyard is off limits to the HOA, but the front has to look a certain way. My yard is apples and oranges different…

    • Thanks! It was worth the money to have both palms skinned. My usual tree company wanted $250 minimum just to show up and prune the fronds. The guy I hired was pruning a different type of palm down the street so I asked him to stop by for an estimate. He not only pruned the fronds, but did the skinning too for $300 bucks. The other company told me over the phone that they ‘can’t compete with that’. Oh well…

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