Scorching Las Vegas

I know that posts like this are redundant, perhaps silly too but I think you still like them because of the extreme nature of the weather here during the summer months. Gladly, this heat doesn’t last all year! Las Vegas is set to break a heat record today with a forecast of 118 degrees.

I’ve been in this much heat before but not in Las Vegas. It was in Baker, California, and Palm Springs, California a few years ago when I was married. The series of iPhone photos shows a cool down coming our way soon. The cooldown will bring us back to normal summer high temperatures in the low 100s.

These photos should be in reverse order!

33 thoughts on “Scorching Las Vegas

  1. Your posts remind me of when I moved from London to California. The first year, it was so nice to have sun all year round, but then I went from “Ask me if I miss London!” to “The weather is boring!”

    • I agree, the day after day of sunshine can be boring but I don’t mention that on the blog.

      Honestly, I don’t care for Califonia for several reasons. The way things have been down there for a long time now, many Californians are moving too Las Vegas, pay attention to license plates while out and about, you’ll see plenty of California tags.

      Hence, the bumper sticker that says “don’t California my Nevada”.

      I may go home to Michigan if the liberalism level gets too high for me.

      • It’s probably good you don’t mention that same weather can be boring. These days there are a lot of reasons to not like California. My mother was born and raised there and she said it’s not the same place it was when she was growing up. Of course the two main reasons people leave are cost of living and being stuck in traffic all the time. I don’t even need to look at a car’s license plate to know the driver is from California. They have a distinctive way of driving that I can spot a mile away!

        • An idiot behind the wheel that drives too fast, cuts you off, never uses turn signals and always believes that they are ‘first’ in all traffic situations. that attitude has been here since I arrived in 2013. It was a real adjustment to drive here VS what I’m used to in Michigan. Always be on the defensive!

          • Nailed it! Ironically enough, I found California easier to drive than in London at first. Then the problems of driving there really wore me out. One of my Canadian friends said that the California driving test is pathetic. I couldn’t agree more considering I learned to drive in a country with MUCH higher standards! At least learning to drive in London saved my neck a number of times driving in California

  2. John, that is awful!!! We are having right now a heat wave also in Utah but nothing like this. Utah is scorching right now also, we are in drought and everything is so dry. I am waiting for autumn.
    Stay safe and take good care of yourself!

    • Good morning, Kaya, you too. I saw the pattern of the heat on the weather channel this morning, it certainly does include your state too just north of Nevada.Stay cool!

  3. Damn! That’s seriously dangerous. I know you have AC, but is the power grid in Las Vegas sufficient to handle the demand, which has to be huge. Rolling blackouts could be deadly in that heat.

    • They sure would be deadly! In my 9 years here, the power has not failed once, it has happened but not in the areas I’ve lived in. Other than a very quick trip the store today, I’m staying home. Yesterday, my truck lost power twice for maybe 2 seconds, the first hiccup the truck has ever made in 6 years.

      I stopped by a local GMC dealer and spoke with a service advisor briefly. I decided to drive home, the truck didn’t do it again and I hope it stays that way, the warranty is long expired. This truck has electric power steering, hence it went away for those tiny seconds.

      The radio stopped working too so apparently there is a potential failure of a major component. Sucks!!

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