A Hazy Las Vegas

It’s so hot today that the air seems to be blocking the view of the many mountains surrounding the valley this afternoon. I don’t think it’s smoke fog from any fires in California or elsewhere. Not a good day for photography in my view, these photos are pretty much crap! 115F today, 113F tomorrow then cooling to 108F which is closer to normal for Las Vegas this time of year. It’s a close repeat of the heat from last summer’s scorching heat!

17 thoughts on “A Hazy Las Vegas

    • It sure has been a scorcher, Marcus. 113 today then low 100s for a few days, normal summer temps for Las Vegas.

  1. My concerns are for those who are more sensitive to the heat, those without ways to escape and must find ways to endure. The heat sucks every bit of life out of you and leaves you feeling so empty and lifeless. But, I must agree with the others, the photos are not crap, they are an accurate capture of the conditions of the moment.

    • Thank you, Rebecca! I’ve thought about this too, there are far too many homeless in this city which is so sad. Other than walking into business like a Walmart and such, they have no escape from the heat but shade. The shelters must be jammed.

      • Sadly first, that there are homeless anywhere. But also, there are those who don’t realize that the heat can be deadlier than extreme cold. Dehydration sneaks up on one and it isn’t as if a homeless individual can pop in for a bottle of water just anywhere.

        • This heat has got to be more deadly than the Florida heat when it’s 115F, it stings your skin!

  2. John, these photos aren’t crap. The sky is blue with nice clouds. We have an inversion and our sky is like a thick grayish white canvas. I am waiting for the blue sky…
    Stay cool!

    • Hi Kaya, that’s a good description of the sky here. I’m still not sure if it’s Smoke Fog…

    • Thank you, Derrick. We have 113F on tap for today, then cooling to 108 tomorrow which is closer to a normal summer temperature here. Believe it or not, the family across the way was swimming in their pool in the heat!

    • Hi Rudi, no worries with the air conditioning, it never goes above 75F inside my home. These homes are built to withstand the extreme desert heat here in summer. it’ll cool to the low 100s tomorrow which is near-normal for here in summer.

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