Nikon With Nikkor 50mm Lens

The old iPhone X still takes some great photos, doesn’t it? It even picks up the dust particles that I tried to remove before setting the camera on the dining room table for these photos. The temperature hit 100 by 9AM this morning so I’m going to hibernate again today, the truck engine may get cooked too.

I wonder how many vehicles have been shut down by the heat, or even caught fire because of the extreme heat? Did you know that car batteries last about three years here? The heat zaps them!

I put a fresh Delco battery in the truck last year, and always pop the hood when I get home to allow the engine compartment to cool as quickly as it can. The garage door is always raised about one foot, the back door opened too to allow some air to move through the garage, lots of folks do that. Little bits of Mojave Desert living for you!

I like how compact the Z6 body becomes with this 50mm lens attached!

4 thoughts on “Nikon With Nikkor 50mm Lens

  1. I do like how far cell phone cameras have come. One thing I notice because I tend to have a phone for about 5 years is that you have to do more to get your photos to look good. That’s one way I can tell my phone is about to die

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