Sunset At 50mm

I took these photos last evening before the storm blew in that is featured in the previous post, the calm before the storm! Today we have one more 113F degree day today, then we’ll cool down to a more normal summer temperature of 108F tomorrow. You can feel a big difference, I promise!

23 thoughts on “Sunset At 50mm

            • Being from Michigan, we didn’t get much of anything from any of these hurricanes so far north. I chose to stay here instead of moving to Florida because of the hurricanes, no thanks! No tornadoes here either, but always a chance for an earthquake.

              • The worst we’ve had to deal with here as far as hurricanes was Hugo back in 1989, it came complete with tornadoes. Thankfully living this far inland we don’t deal with it too often like they do out on the coast.

              • I kept thinking there was something you mentioning Michigan that triggered a memory..A lifetime ago when internet software had to be installed, I was struggling with trying to get it installed in a lap top. We were preparing to go on vacation and I was determined to get it working. My husband had repeatedly told my stubborn self to call for tech help. Long about midnight I gave up and called. A very, very nice guy was helping me. All was quite in my house as I was the only one awake by this point. As we worked on getting everything set up, I begin hearing this click click click?? I look down and the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life was strolling across my kitchen floor. I screamed then jumped from the stool I was sitting on to stomp said spider and send it off to meet its maker. I then realized I had screamed in that poor guy’s ear. I apologized and explained. He then told me he lived in Michigan where they had this wonderful insect control called winter.

                • Quite right! All of the skeeters and so many more are simply shut down by the bitter cold. No more stink bugs jammed in the window frames, trying to get inside.

                  • Its that term “bitter cold” that has me remaining right where I am. Some of the most beautiful areas of the country, that I would love to see, all fall into the early winter, bitter cold description and I just don’t do cold well at all.

    • Just looked at the extended forecast, normal summer temps are coming tomorrow and the next several days in the low 100s. Much more comfy!

          • It’s already winding down. Only 81 today and then it will be in the 70s after that. Just perfect! I know, I said it would be a hot day today – I meant “hot” by “our” standards.

            • The 70s are nice, even with humidity. I find that the 70s feel different here for lack of humidity. I feel cold…

              • Here it’s just perfect. I agree that humidity can make all the difference. Too much is as bad as too little though. It’s pretty good on the coast in the summer.

                  • Yes, on the coast, but we are on Vancouver Island, on the east side of it, so we are protected from the really wild weather of the open Pacific (although it can get wild enough here, too, on the sheltered side in the winter).

                    • Oh, OK. It sounds like a beautiful place to live, Anneli. I was in Vancouver, BC many years ago dropping my niece’s van off. She was attending a school there, needed her van brought up there. What a trip. Beautiful city!

                    • Vancouver is right across from us on the mainland. We have to take a 2-hour ferry ride to get there. Much quieter on the island, but I agree, Vancouver is a pretty city.

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