What A Blow!

I had no idea last night that there was a thunderstorm in the area, no notifications on the phone either. I grabbed the iPhone and went to the backyard for this video and photos, neither are good quality for lack of light but you get the idea! The storm made only a tiny mess in the yard. Yep, it’s Monsoon Season! The video is one minute long.

15 thoughts on “What A Blow!

    • Thanks, we had another very heavy rain last night, it managed to flood the side of my house. We need every drop of rain!

  1. We just had a thunderstorm blow through here a short time ago. While it was pouring rain I went and told my son that as soon as it stopped raining I needed him to come help me water the garden. Ya know, fake laughs are rather obvious and that snarky “oh, you’re such a comedian” was a bit uncalled for. No…it wasn’t.

    • It was crazy, just popped in from nowhere. Good thing the palm trees were just pruned, they made a hell of a mess because of the dead, dry fronds.

  2. Wow, this looks scary, John. Unfortunately, we have not been able to start the video. I’ll try it on another browser in a minute. Take care. Hope it’s not too hot in Las Vegas …

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