On The Way To The Mac Store

It’s official, my MacBook Pro is in the shop at the Apple Store. The battery is indeed swollen up and on its last leg and the reason that the case has warped. It’ll be about seven business days and just $200 dollars to repair it.

According to the tech dude who worked with me, the machine should last another two years or so which is a hell of a lot less money than a new MacBook Pro, or the wonderful new iPad Pro with its keyboard.

I was practically drooling in the store looking at the new machines! So now I have to be in the bedroom on the old 2017 iMac which is in perfect condition and runs perfectly. I can watch the TV channels in here too…

Nikon Z6 with Nikkor 50mm

8 thoughts on “On The Way To The Mac Store

  1. Some how I was thinking the roads would be busier, but then you did say you were away from the tourist area. Glad that you’re going to be able to get things repaired and not have to replace even though the shiny new toys were calling to you.

    • Thanks, they were almost screaming at me lol! I just can’t justify replacing the old 2017 MacBook yet, it still runs perfectly. Money saved. I can’t justify replacing my old iPad Air or iPhone X either, they just run and run perfectly! But that new iPad with the keyboard… 😍❤️😍

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