The Google Earth Camera

Some of you may have spotted these cars buzzing around your neck of the woods, I’ve seen them twice now here in Las Vegas. I use Google Earth on the iPad to locate and view a local destination before I get there, and of course, to virtually travel to so many places too. My most recent trip was to Belgium, an interesting and beautiful country!

On a different note, I received an email from the Apple Store in Summerlin this morning, my MacBook Pro was ready for pickup! So, I’m gladly back on the old Mac. They replaced the entire top panel of the machine, the keyboard, and the touchpad. The new keys type so smoothly, the touchpad, or is it trackpad feels much better too.

I now have a 2017 MacBook Pro that’s basically new for $200 bucks. Of course, there’s the fact that it’s an older technology that may be an issue in some instances but I don’t mind. I saved $1500 bucks or more! Score! I couldn’t resist it. At the Apple Store, I was a little kid in a toy store and purchased a new 11″ iPad Pro, it’s fabulous!

I used the iCloud Backup to move every single setting to the new iPad from the 2017 iPad Air. It was incredibly simple to do and saved me hours of work programming the new iPad. Using the new iPad is almost the same experience as using this MacBook, so impressive! I wanted the 12.9″ screen, but they aren’t available until late July.

26 thoughts on “The Google Earth Camera

  1. A funny note. At least here, they don’t leave the main roads, we live off on a dirt lane. If you bring up our address the street view you get is of a home up on the main road.

    • I’ve noticed that, the drivers must be told to not go to certain places. Just a guess. When I lived in Michigan, I avoided dirt roads, they are hard on a car.

      • I don’t doubt you’re right, and with all that mounted on top of the car they have no way of knowing what is down that road. Yep, they are hard on cars, but it tends often to help keep those who don’t belong away.

        • That would be me! I have cameras on every side of my home, i watch who is coming and going on my culdesac. Nosy neighbours!

                  • Well, thing is, while I know it isn’t as bad…there are those moments I wonder where all the traffic came from on the main road. Our dirt road meets in in the center of a straightaway. It seems that there are moments when there are gates on either end and they open on an alternate schedule making getting out onto the roadway difficult. But, if that is the worst I have to complain about, I have no complaints.

                    • I understand what you mean, it’s like trying to pull out of a side street here, the traffic clears up one way, but crowds up in the other direction. Frustrating.

                    • We have this added ingredient of a lawn mower repair shop where everyone seems to want to part right where they block all vision of oncoming traffic. So it gets to where its a Russian roulette type deal, hit the gas and hope.

  2. Those Google Earth cars are so weird! Whenever I see where I have lived and notice a change that my family has made to the garden or whatever, it’s kind of weird!

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