Photos From 2017

Here’s a random collection from 2017. Smog is big business in this city, I’ve never used that big blue truck service. The WTF sign is over the mountains in Pahrump, Nevada. The black and white photo is of a hiker with her dog getting ready to leave on Moenkopi road near Calico Basin.

The horses are wild horses photographed very near to the ski lodge on Lee Canyon Road. That waterslide is like none I’ve seen before, how does it work? There are two photos of the US Forestry building located near Mount Charleston on Kyle Canyon Road high in the mountains.

And last, Lady Liberty is on the Las Vegas Strip at the New York, New York venue. Thanks for stopping by!

12 thoughts on “Photos From 2017

  1. Waterslide dumps you in on left and you go up and down like a halfpipe until you lose steam and get pushed out to to bottom middle 🙂 its fun!

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