Monsoon Rain and A Moth

Our Monsoon Season is well underway and I’m happy to report that so far I’ve seen much more rain in the area this summer than last. The Weather Channel this morning shows plenty of monsoonal rain moving north into Arizona, New Mexico, and southern Nevada which is lovely!

It sprinkled on my roof but no heavy rain yet today, I hope we get another gulley washer like we did a few days ago. The moth caught my eye as I walked to the garage, it was very generous in letting me get super close with the 50mm lens and seemed to wave bye-bye as I walked away, his tiny leg moving up and down, LOL!

Partly cloudy and just 102F is the forecast for today, just right for a Las Vegas summer day!

14 thoughts on “Monsoon Rain and A Moth

    • Thanks, it’s looking like rain this morning too which is great! Rain is so rare here, Derrick.

    • Get out there and get shooting! I’m a photo nutter, always clicking away with anything that can capture an image! Your phone is always the backup camera. This blog is approaching 6000 posts, that should tell you a bit about my photo addiction, eh! 🤪

      • Oh trust me…I have NO aversion to taking photos. Especially since I got my hands on my first digital camera. I have memory cards stacked up in my desk drawer. I’ve had the neighbors laughing at me as I chased bees, they could see me doing this odd bob and weave thing but not the bees I was chasing.

    • Hi Shelley, after the 115 we had a while back, 102 feels great. More so if your acclimated to the desert heat! The desert has a wonderful scent to it after a good hard rain, it smells like Ozone to me.

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