Cute Critters

Sadly, Pepper the German Shepard is no longer with us, she was dad’s constant companion. The pelican and the rabbit were photographed in Florida some years ago. The horse photos were taken here in a park with a riding stable. Cute critters, our constant companions through our journey of life. Horses are beautiful but scary for me!

21 thoughts on “Cute Critters

    • I agree, they are wonderful dogs, very intelligent and so faithful. I forgot to mention to you earlier that she had to be put down due to the bad hip joints that this breed suffers from as they age. Her quality of life had diminished to the point that it was no longer possible for her to move on her own or have a good quality of life. So sad.

      • Obviously my Bella is not full, the vet actually has her as a Retriever mix, which is fine. If my insurance wants to make a fuss I can show them the vet papers, “Why no, I don’t have a German Shepherd…see?” But yeah, I’ve known about that for a while. Its one reason I don’t push her when we go hiking.

  1. So sorry that you and your Dad lost Pepper, John. It’s hard to lose animal companions. Horses are pretty big for sure and it’s a little scary!

    • I admire the horse for it’s strength and beauty but won’t get on one again, bad memories! Thanks, Leah. He was visually upset about losing her and he’s not one to show his feelings. Old School you could say.

  2. Read a great article this past weekend on the local news site, that dogs are the only animals that completely understand people, and instinctively know how to take care of us. I believe it.

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