The Old Days

Do you remember these items? I sure do and this is a great way to date yourself too. My folks took my sister and me to the drive-in several times. Sister and I wore our onesies pajamas and would run to the playground before the movie started. My mother had an electric frypan just like the one in the photo, yum!

I recall mom slicing hard-boiled eggs with that slicer. And canned crackers, yes! Today, it’s just paper and plastic wrapping your very breakable crackers. Did you have a 78rpm record player? I remember using one to play oldies from Paul Revere and The Raiders as an example. Nope, I’m no spring chicken!

23 thoughts on “The Old Days

    • That’s how this works, Marcus. We didn’t know at the time that the days would come that we’ll see these items very differently and with fondness.

  1. Oh I remember, how I do miss my stereo and records. I grew up spending a lot of my money on increasing the collection I had. I wish I had that cracker box but I do remember all of these.

  2. I still have a Record Player and Albums. It’s amazing how many people don’t know what that is. I never really liked Drive-Ins, The Frying Pan was mainly used for camping. I don’t think we ever had the slicer thing.

    • The issue with drive-ins are the damned skeeters! My daughter has a record player and some albums I gave here and those she picked up. She’s 30 years young.

  3. My Mum taught me how to use an electric frying pan when I was little! Hers still worked!

    • They were a breakthrough item in their day! today, I fry with just radient heat from bulbs in my countertop oven.

  4. OMG! I haven’t seen drive-in speakers in eons! The egg slicer is something I use all the time even now. I think they still sell them. And of course I remember the turntable and the electric frying pan (that I got a shock from one day when I was stirring something with a fork and touching the metal edge of my parents’ counter top way back when).

    • Shocked? I’m glad the juice didn’t get you, Anneli! I suppose the grounding of the appliance was different in those days, you shouldn’t get zapped. Just use wood instead even though it’s slightly conductive. My sister used the turntable more than I did, she’s five years older.

      • The frying pan obviously had a short in the wiring, but my parents’ kitchen had that old-style counter with a metal trim, and I was touching that with my other hand while stirring with a metal fork (a no-no anyway). It sure didn’t feel good when those horrible electric buzzes went up my arm in waves. To this day, I’m really afraid of electrical stuff that might misbehave.

        • I can understand why you fear electricity! It’s both wonderful and deadly. I never use metal implements in a non-stick surface, a no no indeed! I remember those counters with a metal edge, not a good idea.

  5. Yeah. I remember them. Hell I still use my turntable (with 45’s and 33’s). Th electric skillet was a staple kitchen product, and my windows got a workout at the drive thru with those clunky monsters.

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