Scenes From Sunset Park

In this post, I’m reposting scenes from Sunset Park taken in 2020 during the apparent peak of the pandemic. Nothing stops this photographer, right? Sunset Park is close to the intersections of Sunset Road and Eastern Road which is the southeast corner of our lovely McCarran International Airport. A good place for aircraft photos too.

8 thoughts on “Scenes From Sunset Park

    • Thank you! Cobra Chickens… that’s new to me! They are beautiful birds, but they poop too much. 😂

      • Well that’s Canadian lingo for you. Sometimes it’s used as an insult to geese, which I don’t really like, but it is funny too. I know people with dogs here who say they have to stop their dogs eating goose shit! I kid you not

        • That’s nasty, but some dogs love to eat poop. As a kid in Michigan, we lived on a lake which of course draws the geese. I call them Poop Factoies. I’ve stepped in too many piles over the years. We would;d turn our Standard Poodle loose on them, they fly away quickly.

          • Yep. Whenever I’m by either of the rivers, I am on the lookout for both goose shit and dog shit so I don’t step in it. Fortunately, the walkways are pretty clean. I wonder if Canada implemented some sort of design in their walkways so that geese wouldn’t walk on them as much… It would make sense considering our notorious geese

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