A Stormy Evening

I was on the couch watching TV last eve when I heard the thunder. Grabbing my new iPhone 12 I headed for the backyard to capture this video. The lightning was everywhere around me and I was outside! Duh. But it was worth it to see the lightning, feel the wind and droplets of rain hitting me. Memories of Michigan summers remembered.

20 thoughts on “A Stormy Evening

    • Hi Rudi, this was a pretty good storm, we need the rain so badly. The drought is terrible, meanwhile our east coast is being flooded again and again…

  1. John, this is a very dramatic photo! The video is threatening but also beautiful!
    You were brave capturing these magnificent moments. I couldn’t do it, I would be so scared.

    • Not in town, but the desert and mountains are a juicy target for the lightning bolts. I’ve not heard of any wildfires yet. Yay!

    • Amazing indeed, I’m glad that there are no fires because of this storm, the lightning was everywhere! This has been a very active monsoon season so far, very different than last summer.

        • More rain has fallen this summer than last, based on what I’ve seen watching the sky, and what the radar says on The Weather Channel. Keep it coming!

          • Agreed, I know the western side of the country had so many fires last year. I have friends out that way and a lot of the truck drivers were out that way on a regular basis. One told me about driving through an area where there was fire on either side of his truck. They said it was the one time they had actually been afraid. So yes, more rain..

              • I did as well. When my husband was alive, it seemed that the one trucking company especially always sent him to the worst places. Bad weather? Send James. Flooding? Send James. Fire? Send James. He told me that the police once told him to drive down a flooded roadway, the water was up above his running boards. Said he was never so glad to see the other side.

    • Yeah, I’m guilty as charged! But man it’s worth it for the much better camera! It has a wide-angle lens, three lenses total and Lidar too. Damn good camera for a phone, the best I’ve had yet. They just get better and better!

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