iPhone 12 Photos, Before The Storm

Yes, I did it. I headed to my local phone store and swapped my iPhone XS for the wonderful iPhone 12 yesterday. And I don’t regret this either! The phone is very much like the XS, or iPhone 10, but with a very substantial upgrade to the camera which as you can imagine is much to my delight!

This is a 5G device which is wonderful, and the store gave me a $400 credit for the old iPhone, wow.

This baby has a wide-angle lens which is accessed by the screen when shooting. Three lenses total and Lidar to boot, I love it! It’s still true too, the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys! These cameras just keep getting better and better with each new generation.

5 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Photos, Before The Storm

    • Yes, the iPhone 12, the camera is the main reason I wanted the upgrade and it’s been worth it. Phone photos are getting better with each new generation from Apple! Maybe one day I can leave the Nikon at home…

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