No Processing

This photo from the new phone camera has zero processing except for the watermark and resizing to around 175kb. I use a very small file size on this website to conserve storage space and promote faster loading time for my visitors. The device continues to amaze me in terms of the camera. The 5G worked really well too while I was out earlier today, there is a definite difference in the overall upload and download speeds, very nice! Thanks, Apple. 😂

The colors and clarity are fantastic, eh? This is the wide-angle lens.

16 thoughts on “No Processing

  1. Obviously its me, because I never put my contacts in today, I love the photo, but when I look at it, the wall of the house and the parallel fence both appear to lean inward toward each other. Optical illusion I guess.

  2. Wow, the photo is so clear, sharp and has fantastic colors! I would not know that it’s unprocessed if I would not read what you wrote, John. Great and wonderful!

    • Thanks, guys. Your the second folks to say that you prefer the unprocessed versions of my photos, Hmmm. I’m a kid with a new toy with this phone! 😂🤪

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