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Some of you may know about my love for the Star Trek movie series, it goes all the way back to the mid-’60s and the Star Trek original series, or TOS. Each new movie that came out was an exciting time, the movies got better and better with new technologies.

I’ve seen them all several times by now but there is the Star Trek Picard series that I’ve never seen because it’s on that damned CBS, I don’t like that network! Maybe someday I’ll catch it and get caught up. Anyway, I’ve collected dozens of Star Trek photos from various sources, here are just a few of those photos. I have zero copyright…

I should add that I find myself in conflict when it comes to space travel. I am not a fan of space programs at this point, not because humans shouldn’t be traveling in space, but because of the billions of dollars spent on this when humans everywhere on Earth are in deep need of help. Can we as a species please take care of ourselves first?

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  1. I definitely agree that the world needs to sort out its priorities. Still, nothing wrong with enjoying sci-fi. When Bezos went up, I tried to see if the Canadarm was on the ship, but I don’t think so. Guess he didn’t want it giving him the middle finger

  2. When Columbus set sail on his journey to the “other side”, Spain and Portugal were near broke, but they did it anyway. Might want to do your homework on this one. Many of the cures for “earth” diseases have been (or are getting close) eradicated due to discoveries that could only have been in space, like microgravity research to cure cancer….not prevent…cure…and the LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device), that is the basis for the pump that makes heart transplants possible. Space is more than a Star Trek adventure, it allows for better metallurgy, creating stronger, better metals that can be used on MANY causes beneficial to people on earth. Here are a few others:

    Fundamental disease research: Alzheimer’s Disease. Parkinson’s Disease. Cancer. Asthma. Heart Disease. If any of these conditions has affected your life, so has space station research.

    Methods to combat muscle atrophy and bone loss: Space studies have contributed greatly to our knowledge of bone and muscle loss in astronauts – and how to mitigate those effects. The knowledge gained also applies to people on Earth dealing with diseases such as osteoporosis.

    Growing food in microgravity: The ability to grow supplemental food can help humans explore farther from Earth. Many techniques for growing plants have been explored aboard the space station to prepare for these missions. On August 10, 2015, astronauts sampled their first space-grown salad, and astronauts now are growing radishes in space.

    Drug development using protein crystals: Protein crystal growth experiments conducted aboard the space station have provided insights into numerous disease treatments, from cancer to gum disease to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

    New water purification systems: Water is vital for human survival. Unfortunately, many people around the world lack access to clean water. At-risk areas can gain access to advanced filtration and purification systems through technology that was developed for the space station, enabling the astronauts living aboard to recycle 93% of their water.

    Frankly, I do not give two shits about people starving in third world countries. They have been living off the Wests teet for decades and have done nothing to improve their global existence. I would much rather watch my hard earned tax dollars go into programs that have a far more reaching effect on humanity than dropping bags of rice in a dust field.

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