Blue Sky Above The Joshua Trees

Here is the next set of photos from this morning walking around the desert floor. I saw zero snakes and zero desert tortoises. Just that beautiful blue sky and sunshine, so beautiful. ❀️🌡🌞

32 thoughts on “Blue Sky Above The Joshua Trees

  1. Very nice. I love how sharp and clear they are, the color saturation is incredible. That landscape has me wishing I could see it first hand but I’ll enjoy the visit through your photos.

        • Yep! It’s about 2,024 miles between my Michigan home town and here… A 3.5 hour plane ride, or about three days of crappy driving.

            • A two day ride for me, depending on the vehicle. I used to drive a large trailer and truck from Michigan to Florida, the back again each year. Snowbird employers! I figured that it’s be about the same distance. I hope your teeth are settling down, ouch.

              • We lived in a couple places in Florida when I was a kid, while my memory may be flawed, I remember liking it there. Thank you, the mouth still hurts but it is manageable.

                    • He would remind me of the conversation we got in this week that bordered on advancing to argument. He had brought home some hard tea or some such and kept pushing it at me. Knowing I don’t drink. I really doubt he will do that again πŸ˜‰

                    • That’s good. I would never sass my momma intentionally. She slapped the crap outta me twice when I was a teen which I later thanked her for doing. Always respect your parents! ❀️

                    • My mother always told us that we would not back talk her no matter how big we got. She would teach us if she had to pick up a chair and knock us down first. Not that she ever had to, but we believed her. Thing is, we were of the era when respect was taught and expected. I’ve seen that in my extended family but it seems to have gotten lost somewhere along the way with so many.

                    • Thank these damned public indoctrination stations called the public school system. And many other influences such as those schools kicking God out of the classroom.

                    • Two of my mother’s great grand kids live directly across the road from her. They are young, 8 and 12 I think, somewhere along there. They already know how to talk to her and what she will and won’t allow and accept. Something I am very glad to see.

    • Hi Kelly, thanks! I have seen the storms on TV heading up the east coast recently, making it all the way up to Atlantic Canada, rain is good though!

      • Yes better than drought and fires but when you only have 2 months of guarantee summer weather, every raining cool weekend is a huge loss. It was beautiful yesterday.

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